June 26

June 26.

Is the real day here,

Latest sunset of the year

When it all comes gathering up

To glide into the doldrums

Today is the crest of a small wave

On some pond

Rarely visited in the brush

Especially on hot days

When it becomes the throne

For snakes and frogs

Having their day

On the crest of a small wave

This is the silent pulse

The long ebb

The onset of exhale

The practice of patience

If I could count flowers and leaves

I might try drawing the ripples

Depending on the amount of time

Getting lost in time’s subtle traps

Pulling us into drying gopher holes

Where new life goes on.

I have to step gently from today,

Steadfast in foot,

Hopping the waves

Or pointing to the shadows

The marks they leave

The same as the last go

Except changed

When I start counting.


Quick river note:

Both of the inland rivers were coming up this morning – I saw it before I left but went anyways – little did I know that they hadn’t really started rising yet. By the time I arrived the rivers were full of leaves, algae and bankside detritus being entrained.  My plan to go upstream backfired, as it just got worse. A big slide somewhere up Supply Creek blew out the lower river completely. When I got home, I saw that both rivers rose about a foot while I was there and just now starting to crest late this evening. One incidental fish was landed.

Given the forecast for relatively rain-free days ahead, things should be ideal all of this week – I should probably go fishing…