Saturday Night Wind Party

Featuring Steady Eddy and the Gusts…

I bailed out from an evening on the town with a pretty yound lady to chase rumours of a windless afternoon over the hill.  The wind was manageable when I got there, then proceeded to &*%#ing howl.  As the sunset over the hill, the wind lapsed for about 30 seconds and I thought that would be the start of a pleasant evening.  Nothing doing.  You could hear the big whoosh coming up the canyon before you ever felt it.  Fishing in the wind is hardly ever the ideal situation.  If it’s steady, you can adapt the casting stroke and manage it all fairly well.  However, where I was at – a kink in the canyon where the wind funnels through a neck and turns more to the northeast – it came through in pulsing, swirling waves.  The riffle at the downstream end of the run would cast a showery mist into the air with each new push of wind.

I did manage my casting fairly well – with some unseen blunders – and managed three half pounders to hand and a few missed grabs.  A slow evening – maybe I should have reconsidered my priorities and stuck to the evening-on-the-town plan, but at least I got it out of my system – for a couple of days at least.

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