Sitting on a Rock in Late October

Find me along the river

Dreaming in golden afternoons

Telling of long summers

Not yet ended.

Find me holding you there

Lightly to a touch

We tell all those things

Seen along the way.

Will you still be here

With springtime?

April showers perhaps?

And scurry for cover

Under the mossy rock ledge?

Will you show me those places

Only you might see

on a starry night?

Maybe, then, we might forget

consuming our time.

What is this time?

How we found little blue flowers

Did you see them?

Hidden among the drying grass.

Or were you dreaming

While I crouched to trace

Little furrows in the sand

Casting long shadows

On a late October afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Sitting on a Rock in Late October

  1. This verse is beautiful in its clarity. You have a very strong voice here.
    It is a song for nature and lovers, and the nature of lovers, who move through connection like seasons. So much to be discovered, so much beauty to share and explore.

  2. thank you poetreearborist… it was a beautiful afternoon…I had to try and capture it somehow before winter comes and I have to wait another year

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