3 thoughts on “table-mtn-wildflowers-048

  1. Hey Sam
    beautiful photos! What’s that flaming pink flower called? It’s beautiful (#48)…I love the dry creek bed and oaks (45) and then the image of the edge where the waterfall goes over…it helped to hear you talk about if first…cuz you can’t really see the water, or the fall in the photo…but it’s beautiful in it’s curve cupping the valley of trees, what the heck is that fish/mud puppy dude???…sorry if i’m ignorant in what you are passionate about! was the water so clear to take that photo from out of the water?

    1. NEWT and the picture was taken from underwater after looking for one of those fellows who wasn’t too camera shy

  2. The pink flower may be Castilleja densiflora (syn. Orthocarpus densiflorus). Unfortunately, my Jepson Manual is in storage. The common name is owl’s clover.

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