Not Listening

Still working on this one … wanted to reshape it with a wee bit different voice … still needs overhaul…and time .. will let it hang here for awhile and revisit later

Lost in August

And upon arrival,

That very day,

We slap ourselves silly.

“Oh! Here it is!”

“But”, we sigh and continue.

Whispers old lady summer:

“I will never leave you.”

Only September’s rhythm

Upset by that cold morning.

“There? Now?”

“Aren’t I beautiful?”

October’s hope arises,

None-of-this-will-end conviction.

Dashing maybe.

“Don’t you dare”.

“Stand by me, my sweets.”

November’s perfection, fragility and transience.


“Please, not now… Why?”

Now, December,

Last leaf falling

On a new wind

Hoping we will never forget.

Because we will meet again.”

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