Quick note from the ‘valley

Fished the valley section of a tributary river today. Overcast skies and about an hour of rain midday made for ideal conditions. I started out at lowermost North-South and was immediately into fish – half pounders. The final count was five fish to hand with many missed grabs. Flows were at 900cfs and it was just high enough to preclude the wade across and down to the holy water of East-West. All fish were taken on a 1/0 purple and pink (subtle pink yak hair wing). The slow water at the very bottom of North-South yielded several good grabs, including the one that could have been. But it was a day of many quick and light grabbing fish. Middle North-South gave up a couple of fish along the edge of the fast water – as is usual here. Didn’t fish upper – Charlie hit it pretty hard, coming through on a pontoon boat. Went up to Security East and missed a couple of grabs. Finished up at Supply Creek with one more fish and several grabs. I saw a halfway decent looking salmon porpoise in the fast water.

A good day for this time of year – though missing the big fish. This river has not done well for me this year and I think today probably ranked out as the best day this year.

Purple angora and pink yak hair was working today.

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