An Australian Summer – part I goofiness

On one of my trips to the southland,

I came across a curious place,

In a long dance of sea and sand,

Here, the land and sea embrace.


Marbled in white from nearby reef,

She stalks along the shore,

Nimble, like Fall carrying a leaf

I met her here, just like before.


You see, on the high tide,

In come the golden trevally,

Coming in on a free ride.

For a mere hour, they do not dally.


When tide’s crest, and winds abate,

The golden trevally she sees

As she stands watchful in wait,

Move quickly, like on a breeze.


Her name? Georgia! Not Sally…

Not Lisa, Beth or Michelle,

It’s Georgia, oh yes, really!

But her name, she would not tell!


Even from far away down the sand,

I could see that her eyes glowed,

Brighter than the sun across the land,

And deeper than the water showed.


And later, peering deep into her eyes

I could see though,

Out to where the last breeze sighs,

Into a sky too blue.


Past her eyes, through sand, water and sky,

There, they glide, dart, barely appear,

Like they were ready to fly,

But dance on with hardly a care.


A slender, sickle-shaped tail

Waving to the sky,

catching her eye

Always eluding without fail.


Oh yes, the day I got her name

Out there in the blue and white,

Salty haze, playing her waiting game,

Suddenly with a fish on the fight!


I had to, right then and there,

Just her name I wanted,

Before all this vanished into thin air

Leaving me taunted.


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