The Way Fall Remembers Summer (less worrisome version)

An afternoon moment remembered:

Where the last bit of her laughter,

Down to a last breath,

carries, and hangs on the air.

This is when every piece of her

Comes forth in smile and laugh,

Seeming just like it always was,

Only to float off,

Leaving a lingering stillness.

Just an afternoon moment remembered.

The landscape moves now,

And a story is retold,

In great big drifting circles and musings.

With chapters of far off places,

And quotes from the memories of old men.

She tells the story ever so carefully,

While her hands carry it along,

Her arms bringing life to those places,

Her voice filling in the spaces.

All this before the long pause in her eyes.

Commencing soon after the laughter

Was carried away on the last breeze,

Letting the memories grow and unfold,

In that fantastic way memories can become.

These are the moments found here

Wondering around each day,

Just like before,

And like they will probably always be.

Even better than I remember.

Somewhere in the afternoon,

If I look closely, will be that space

That single waiting stillness,

Where her laugh never stops,

And we trace those circles,

Recounting the stories again, all full of life

And see the way things really are.

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