Summer Bantering

How were we taught summer?

Watermelon seeds,

dusty roads,

secret swimming holes

and long afternoon yawns?


Did we find summer along the river?

Where the smell of cool water

Wafts up into dry grass

Now pungent in the early afternoon heat.


Or did summer arrive on an afternoon breeze?

Shaking loose memories

of ice cream cones

and three-month loves.

Who knows?


I think summer is more like the unrehearsed fibs

From a sweet toothed kid

Skipping stones across the river.

Oblivious to mom’s dinner calls,

But keen on the subtle aroma

of strawberry shortcake.


Or, was summer announced by the lazy wind chimes?

Their faint tolling, skipping a long beat,

Echoing across the empty porch,

And fading into places where time,

all stubborn and worn,

Sways in the rhythms between

Cicadas and sleeping dogs?


Surely summer is chattering creeks,

Long golden vistas,

Soft rattles of leaves,

Hot wind through grass,

The quiet hiss of a garden sprinkler.


And let’s not forget the cricket

And its solo serenade of evening.


Then again, maybe all this summer stuff

is just the long yawn

Between someplace new

and someplace remembered.

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