In the Yard One Day

A long fence, separates angst from hope.

Where luminous spiders,

Fresh from the sea

Lacquer their bodies

In the sticky webs of her gaze.


Eyes fixed on the rainy places

Hastened under sun,

Mired in the tired longings,

Indifference: the way things

Could have been.


A sorrowful state now,

Lashing out in laughter,

Swatting at the great green globes,

Floating upwards from time’s unwinding

Through air torn with tight-faced frustration.


The simple turn of book

Written chapter and verse,

Words of school time practice,

And playground tauntings.


The single place where a long fence,

Shadowed by impatience,

Is shot full of holes,

Where pieces of home,

Come and go as shiny bits

In the spring time air.