Painting a Picture and a Homework Assignment

I’ve always wanted to capture the progression of fall – my favorite season – and wrap it all up with my passion for fly fishing for steelhead.  It seems like each season comes and goes, and at the end of it all I wonder when it all started and when it ended and what really happened in between.  To that end, Fall is not only about fishing and rivers, but about the peak of summer’s vegetables, good food, picking wild mushrooms, ripe pumpkins, and savoring the first storms that wash away summer’s accumulated grit and grime.  It can be as simple as the hot and dusty field in September becoming the verdant green carpet in late November.  Or maybe as absurd as my passenger getting car sick in route, because we just couldn’t stop.  So I hope to capture the little tidbits along the way that have come to be a signature of this best time of year. If nothing else, the fish and the rivers are an anchor to all this – a catalyst maybe.

Since then, this has become a sketchbook of places, a dumping ground of moments, a repository of half baked ideas and word experiments; a more random scrapbook than was originally started.

At some point I should probably sort out the poems from the fishing, the food from the weather, and the leaves from the moods. But this seems increasingly unlikely and things will just continue to accrete on here as they do out there.


3 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Well done! Nice photos…more please. Good honest food, with gratin..its all about the cheese! Its a great read! Very Hemingwayesqe…..

  2. I love discovering your blog this morning. It’s a gem. I am enjoying this exploration into your unique perspective, developed so lovingly with awesome photos and fantastic writing. You are quite gifted. Thank you for sharing.

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