Steelhead Flies


Lady Caroline…200 years of salmon and steelhead can’t be wrong

Sometimes the fall river vibe calls for something with a little more color…
When the fall starts to lapse into chilled, lingering mornings and fleeting afternooons…
Fun at the vice and hopefully at the river….
Flies for late October.
The basics….
Finally winter takes hold, calling for big, colorful concoctions


Winter time thrill
Pheasant rump, alpaca wool and tinsel.
Coot hackle and wing … early season staple for greased lines
Utility fly tied with coot hackle
Early morning Fall Standard

This Fall (2012), I committed to fishing the surface fly as the first pick go-to fly. It continues to pay off into November. Several memorable images of adult steelhead breaking silent, slick tailout water … some say “the tug is the drug” … I say “Once you do it on top, the rest is just a flop…” OK something like that….

My last evening fishing a wet fly as a “first pick” fall fly.