Night terrors

Waking into darkness

A dream lingers

Disturbed and unwanted.


A dream like spilled milk

Across a table

Soaking into linen.

Never undone.


Instantly, everywhere, spilling milk.

Now part of this,

A moment unchosen.


Beginning easy,

Then running and

Pouring rampant

Into nameless unease.


Dream dripping onto floor

Spreading and soaking.

Waking me.

A memory uncontrolled.


A fear pushing inside,

In darkness.

Asleep, powerless, unable.


Everywhere, or just somewhere,

A fear spreading

Inside, outside,

And, finally, into my bones.



This is the dream

Born instantly into a waking memory

I never lived.

In the hushed darkness,

A terror meticulously unwrapped.


Or, reluctantly,

Fear buried deeply:

Real and decidedly unseen.


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