Leaving Autumn Dreams Behind (with much reluctance)

Endless, golden October afternoon


There we found our river,

A simple quiet.

Our place.


Along ocean sand.

Under a setting November sun.

Another afternoon for us

Each walking little paths,

Soon shared.



We convened with water.

Falling from dark December skies.

We found ourselves then.

Picking up little bits

of the dreams to

Hold us tight.


We wondered along the creek

Through snow, woods and

All along the grassy hills.



At year’s end we met these places.

And we arrayed our dreams and desires

Like Christmas gifts under our tree.


I saw the blue green water dreams

Deep in your gaze.

You saw those places in my eyes,

Color of fall.


And I still want to hold onto it

Before you are even gone.


Now all those little dreams


Washing away in the rain,

Across the hills,

Into creeks, rivers and oceans.

Back to those places.


But these places,

We will walk again

On our own paths,

Gathering up all of those dreams

And the new stories they will tell.


Goodbye, my love.

I will always hold you

In my dreams.

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