Talking weather with the boys down the way

Here are the stories (summarized) that the old men down at the corner bar tell of the weather here on the coast.

Summer:  Fog rolls in and out.  When the fog is out the sea breeze kicks in fresh and brisk.  Sometimes the fog lays along the coast for days – not a ground fog, instead a low ceiling that hides the sun – an important distinction.  A few times over the summer, the fog’s ebb and flow will vanish, the wind will disappear.  The day will start warm and end warm.  The sea will be greasy flat.  This is when the boats run long distances searching for tuna.  The local farmer’s market swells through the summer – reaching a crescendo into the early fall.

Fall:  The best time of year.  The fog starts to get more playful.  It comes in lower, rolling across the bottoms like a wave swallowing everything up.  But it lapses, steamy warm days are most likely now.  Then the first rains come and settle the dust and the warm sun returns.  Maybe it will be a warm rain – sun – rain in a perfect march that lasts for weeks, though the fall rains seem to come later now.  Regardless, the sun’s angle now starts to cast everything in honey-colored light.  Clouds, sunsets, wet, dry and the first south winds keep everything in play.  Mushrooms start to show in the woods, rivers are refreshed.  Summer’s fruits and vegetables are still to be had.

Winter:  Big winds, long rains and chilly mornings hide some of the best days of the year:  well-lit celebrations after days of rain – maybe even warm then.  After the big storm, maybe a day or two of showery weather – rain-sun-rainbow-rain-sun – moving through the days – the temperate rainforest at work.

Spring:  First really warm days.  Showers, sneaky storms and attempts at summer.  Time to step outside and stretch and yawn – birds start singing in the mornings outside the window.  Things transition to summer when the Swainson’s thrush sings in the bushes.

2 thoughts on “Talking weather with the boys down the way

  1. That is the most perfect description of summer in Arcata ever. There are also those crazy days in spring too, where it will be sunny, then clouds come over and rain, then sunny again, over and over all day.

    1. Summer is just the filler between Spring and Fall – IMHO – probably be shot dead for saying that – gasp…

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