Chard Gratin for lunch hold the halibut

The gratin is best after it’s sat for a bit.  I’ve only made a couple of them and only two of them could I say that I nailed it – either with just the right amount of nutmeg or set up just right and not too gritty or watery.  I had hoped to have the gratin today with some fresh halibut since the ocean was relatively flat and a boat ride was in order.  Once out there, though, my stomach indicated otherwise and I spent a couple of uncomfortable hours on the boat trying not to move too much for fear of upsetting the delicate balance of a semi-stable stomach on rolling seas.  Plenty of sand-dabs for Kyle (I was too busy ‘balancing’ to work a sand dab rig) and he had never eaten them before.  They are probably one of my favorite eating fish – but lots of work for tiny filets – and I definitely wasn’t going to be up to it this afternoon.

I returned home to a Sunday newspaper, baseball game on the radio and chard gratin.  Exactly what I needed.  It may not look pretty to the eye, but neither did I after a long morning afloat.  After the first bite, I thought to myself “you nailed it”  yummmmm.  Not a cure for seasickness – only a night’s sleep will take it completely out of me – but a darned good way to start an afternoon nap.

A slice of chard gratin before an afternoon nap is a surefire way to take the seasickness edge off.
A slice of chard gratin before an afternoon nap is a surefire way to take the seasickness edge off (glass of juice and sparkling water not pictured).

2 thoughts on “Chard Gratin for lunch hold the halibut

  1. Might I be so bold as to ask for the recipe. I am pulling the last crop of my chard this weekend…and there’s alot of it!

  2. Check The Wednesday Chef
    – she has a variation of it with sauteed onions and less milk. The version out of “Vegetables” uses 2 cups of milk and more chard I think – and the bread crumbs are toasted with olive oil. I’ve also seen the suggestion to add a few pieces of bacon for ‘enhancement’ purposes.


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